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Since 2005, we have successfully delivered services which include education, social welfare,

personal development, employability and pathways from crime for chlildren and young people. 

Our projects and programmes are designed and delivered with the input of our service users and delivery partners. We provide support and personal development via our workshops which are used to raise awareness, facilitate peer support, mentor, and help our service users along with their parents to access and engage with a range of professional services to address problems and social issues impacting on their lives.

We continously work to resolve the problems that our service users are experiencing including;


Homelessness, overcrowding and disrepair

Education sustainment and school’s exclusions

Youth offending

Children in need

Social engagement and recreation

Our activities are designed and facilitated to enable our service users to lead more meaningful lives. Positive outcomes for our service users are evidenced and are linked to research, planning and the evaluation of our services delivery and their impact.

Diversity and inclusion are at the centre of everything we do.This focus has helped us to

reduce disadvantage and has secured inclusion, diversity and better futures for over 3,500

service users and their families since 2005. Our partners, staff, volunteers, trustees and

members work in-house as well as on community initiatives. This helps us to build our services and organisations' capacity in many aspects.

During 2017/18 we helped no fewer than 642 individuals.

Destitution issues were mostly linked to matters such as benefits including

Universal Credit and sometimes non - benefit entitlements.  Local food banks were an important resource which helped us to address hunger caused by ongoing cycles of poverty.

Our evaluations and service users' feed-back on their experience of benefits and other financial challenges have consistently shown a distinct lack of resources in their communities to

empower them to resolve the impact of poverty on their lives.

In addition we continue to extend our reach through word of mouth and the recommendations of

our service users and partners.

75% of our service users live in Lambeth, the rest live in other parts of the country

including Leeds, Coventry and Birmingham.

Regardless of where they live the issues were quite similar.

We are “Changing Lives and minds for better"

Please contact us on 020 8696 0900 or info@options4change.org.uk



Donna Sinclair

Chief Executive Officer

Options 4 change. 55 Leigham Court Road, London, SW16 2NJ. Tel: 0208 696 0900

www.options4change.org.uk. info@options4change.org.

Company registration No. 0549225, Registered Charity No. 1162000

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