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'Options 4 Change contribute to various aspects of community liaison, outreach, contact and partnership projects.'


Education Sustainment


Our Walcott Funded Education Sustainment Project supports children and parents in resolving learning and development challenges within Educational Settings.

The project involves active participation within schools and

is focused on raising the academic aspirations amongst pupils who may be less motivated or may have additional learning needs.

Where support is not given at the right time, these pupils could be at a risk of falling behind their peers academically or fall out the educational system altogether.

Mango Tree Workshops 

Our Mango Tree Workshops focus on offering support to parents with emphasis on strategies to resolve challenges affecting their childrens eduction and community relationships. 

Please refer to 'News and Updates' for details of our upcoming workshops.

'Awards for All' Well, Warm and Fed in Winter

‘Well, Warm and Fed in Winter’ is a hunger prevention programme,  launched in December 2018.

The aim is to to help to reduce the impact of winter and fuel poverty amongst children.

The expenses of Christmas can

worsen this feeling. By providing communal lunches it can give a sense of community and support for a group that might otherwise feel isolated.

The programme also offers advice on preventing holiday hunger, especially amongst those with small children.

 Our delivery partners include:

 Lambeth Police -Turnaround Project

 Walcott Foundation Project

 Angel Town Promary School - ESP

 Kennington Park Academy - ESP

 Communities Empowerment Network

 Just for Kids Law

 Code 7 - Gangs Prevention and Disengagement

 Osborne Law - Family, Housing and Social Care Legal   Interventions 

 Carter Solicitors - Immigration Casework Supervision 

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